Human Computer Interaction & Creative Technology

Ph.D. student in Information Science at Cornell University

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Wizard Cab

Master Thesis

The Wizard Cab is a fake autonomous vehicle. It uses deception to convince study participants that they are driven autonomously. One researcher drives the vehicle and another researcher operates the output. It was used to test a light bar that communicates driving decisions of the "autonomous cab" to the passengers.


The light bar is a non pesky possibility to show what driving decisions are taken during the ride. Multiple light signals were created such as "brake hard", "swerve" or "turn left".  The research objective is to find out how important they are to the passengers and whether or not they calm them. © Robert Nosch NA 2018

Arrived at destination

Swerve left

Accelerating hard

HTML 5 Animations

BOSCH Car Multimedia

© Robert Bosch NA 2018

UX Research


The ELIXIER (Erfahrungsbasiertes Lernen durch interaktives Experimentieren in erweiterten Realumgebungen)  is a BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) funded project with multiple industry and university partners to develop new technically supported training environments. My part of the project was to evaluate UI and UX of these multi modal interfaces and conduct general research on AR, projection and tangible interfaces.


Search by Voice

Searchbullet lets you use your assistant to search and push the results to other devices. It is built with Jovo, Dialogflow and Pushbullet. Currently it supports Google Home and Google Assistant. Furthermore I developed the voide interface for an Alexa Skill of Netspeak.org.



Filli is the first sextoy that can be changed in its shape, texture and volume. The user can fill the silicone sleeve with grains of different sizes and harden the toy through negative pressure.