Human Computer Interaction & Creative Technology

Projects prior 2017

Ask Me Anonymously

Mobile Information Systems

AMA is an Android Ice Breaker game that utilizes Wifi Direct to connect people. It does work without a router in the middle. Players vote for uncomfortable questions  and one randomly chosen player must answer in public. Players can also add their own questions and create their own database with it.

Parallel Realities

Space is the place

Parallel Realities is a concept of a mix between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In them the whole environment is virtually rendered (e.g. through glasses) but the virtually placed objects are in relationship with reality (as in AR). An exemplary app was created with Unity and Vuforia. Players can track their environment with a smartphone and explore a virtual cave. More in Medium Article.

3D Renderings






A light spending, pneumatically driven ventilation appliance for living rooms.


A transport packaging for the export of fresh breathing air to china.


A landing platform for drone deliveries to high rise buildings.


Interactive Costumes & Textile Sensors

Sonification is a costume for professional dancers that sonifies their dance movements. It consist out of 6 handwoven textile sensors that communicate wirelessly with a software sequencer. Me and fashion designer Aline Martinez created this costume in collaboration with ballet dancers from Altenburg. More details can be found on the project blog. The costume itself and findings from our research with the dancers were published alongside the Dtex conference in Portugal.

Website Redesign

Usability Testing & Usability Engineering

For Usability Testing & Engineering we carried out a whole usability testing and analysis of the Cinestar website. We followed multiple usability principles (e.g. Norman), did a requirement analysis, stakeholder identification, use cases, created multiple low-fidelity prototypes and functional mid-fidelity prototypes. We evaluated our prototypes with a within-subjects study and the UEQ questionnaire. You can see some of our recommendations implemented in the new Cinestar Website.

Development of a 3D Navigable Interface for a Touchless Showcase

Bachelor Thesis Creative Technology BSc

With my Bachelor thesis I faced the challenge to develop a new "exciting" interface for the showcases developed by 100%FAT. They use a LEAP motion sensor to control a cursor and go through a presentation. The new interface uses 3D gestures  on a 2D vertical screen. It was very challenging for users to build a mental model of this displaced 3D environment. Therefore a user study was conducted with a game to test multiple selection methods. From this a final prototype was constructed and evaluated.